Hi, I'm Terry

I am a Full Stack Web Developer trained in fundamentals of MVC, OOP, ORM, and version control. I also have experience with CMS platforms & e-commerce platforms.

Prior to coding, I worked for Silicon Valley startups which is where I adopted my ability to take on monumental challenges and stick-to-it as well as continuously improve my skill set. To expand my knowledge and experience base I founded a small business employing several people, running it successfully for several years before selling it.

I am a self-starter with a passion for technology. I enjoy being able to apply my well rounded business background strengths and coding skills to the betterment of an established project or the clean slate of a startup environment, and to help others along the way.

The Technologies

Here is an overview of some of the technologies I've used to solve problems


  • HTML5 | CSS3
  • JavaScript | jQuery
  • Bootstrap | Materialize
  • Angular 1.x | React

Full Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • MEAN
  • LAMP
  • CMS / eCommerce Platforms

Tools & Methods

  • AWS | Heroku
  • Github | Trello
  • Balsamic Mockups
  • Analytics | SEO
  • Agile | Scrum


Here are some examples of my work...


Here are some other projects and web apps that I've worked on.

  • All
  • MEAN
  • Rails
  • LAMP
  • Front-End
  • Other
Counter w/ create-react-app First React App
jQuery Functions Front-End Development
First Hack Dallas Organizer Mentor Supported Hackathon
jQuery UI Front-End Development
Wireframing Front-End Development
Server-Side Modularization MongoDB | Node | Express | JavaScript
Basic HTML / CSS Front-End Development
Pong JavaScript
Add User Node | Express | JavaScript
AJAX Notes Front-End Development
Group Chat Node | Express | Socket.io | JavaScript
Scrolling Text JavaScript
Matching Game JavaScript
Street Fighter Front-End Development

Contact Me

I'd love to talk more about what I've learned, and what I am learning now.. and how it can benefit you! Send me a message and we'll talk.